Is Your Relationship Toxic or Just Stressed?

by Skye Dawson
Are you in a Toxic Relationship or Just a Stressed One?

The words toxic relationship, found in the Urban Dictionary, are defined as unhealthy and poisonous. If not viewed correctly this catch-phrase can ruin a relationship, a friendship, or marriage.

You may just need some profound adjustments, and perhaps an unbiased counselor. Arguing a lot is not a clear indication that your connection is a bad one.

Things to consider about your toxic relationship:

  • Are the arguments new? What is going on at work or with friends and family? It is possible that outside influencers are causing a division and need to be addressed.
  • Do you truly communicate? Getting a private person to open themselves up can be extremely hard. But, bottling up things can lead to explosions of temper and create hurt feelings. Talking is key to salvage a relationship of any kind.
  • Is there trust and respect on both sides? If either of you does things that create jealousy or talk down to the other, there is no respect and trust has gone out the window. If these things are still in place you certainly have room to heal and allow affection to grow.
  • What about love and affection? No, not talking about sex here, we all know that emotions don’t need to be involved for that to take place. Are you happy to be with one another, do you treat each other well? Are you kind to one another?

There are many relationships that are toxic, and if you are being controlled, physically or emotionally abused then you need to seek a way out. But if you are in a relationship that has simply changed, you may be able to bring it back to the way it once was or even make it better.

A period of adjustment and introspection from all concerned needs to willingly be pursued by all parties. Don’t allow the word toxic destroy a salvageable relationship.

What to do now?

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