Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Sends Clear Message for Continued Riots

by Michael Saad

In February of this year, Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey and Ocasio-Cortez released a fourteen-page resolution for their Green New Deal. It failed.

While it might pass one day – if they ever have control of the House, the Senate and the White House at the same time, most Democrats have abandoned hope for a Biden win in November.

Fortunately for Ocasio-Cortez, she found another way to gain traction on at least some of the issues that have been drawing dust in her failed policy package since February.

I’ll go ahead and apologize up-front. This is a fairly long post of almost 5,000 words. Breaking it up just didn’t feel right and, every time I went to hit publish, I would find something else to add.

Her Message

Ocasio-Cortez took the issue to her 4.4 million Instagram followers on Saturday to tell them “hold off on stopping the violence and riots” until they get what “they” want because she knows full-well that no Republican in their right mind would ever vote for her insane Socialist Manifesto.

In the video, Ocasio-Cortez says that “if you are calling for the end of this unrest and calling for an end to all of this – but you are not calling for the end of the conditions that created the unrest – you are a hypocrite”.

I find that amusing because, in the end, the only conditions that created the unrest was the incessant hyperbole diarrhea of the mouth that exudes from the “squad” every time a camera is nearby.

Most of the things she is asking for is common sense, and legally available to everyone as a human right, except for isolated incidents because of human nature, inbreeding or whatever excuse people have in 2020 to discriminate.

She phrases them as “demands”, however, to increase the outrage that is already fueling some of the riots. Most of the rioting is only fueled by greed, with the terrorists just wanting to snatch as much free stuff as they can before they burn a city down.

Even though everything occurring right now is socially, morally, ethically and criminally wrong, and dangerous to most involved, she wants people to keep doing what they’re doing until the other side “gives in”, with her assuming a Jimmy Hoffa posture to exploit the rioting and push parts of her deal through.

She attempts to ignorantly equate the numerous lives lost, the many more lives that will be lost, and the multi-billion dollar economic impact that the last few days will stack on to the already damaged infrastructure of cities around the country – to charging someone $1,000/month for insulin that they need to survive.

If your government keeps giving you free benefits, just because someone labels them as a “human right”, then they are the ones keeping you oppressed. She receives a paycheck that won’t change, so she’s good whether she goes to work or not.

Until she’s voted out of office, or removed.

Instead of using her combined platforms of over 12 million people to do her part as an elected official for the United States House of Representatives to try to calm the storm, she is attempting to use her public office to exploit the mayhem for political gain and, in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 2101, she is attempting to incite an already tumultuous and incendiary national terror campaign that is occurring in numerous cities around the country, including the one she supposedly “represents”.

All blood that is spilled during this “unrest” will be on her hands.

Additionally, Section 3 of the 14th Amendment says:

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

Ironically enough, that same section was used to prevent Socialist Party of America member Victor L. Berger, who was convicted of violating the Espionage Act for his anti-militarist views, from taking his seat in the House of Representatives in 1919 and 1920.

When you are blocking the road and the police repeatedly blow the airhorn… it might be wise to move out of the way and not hit the police car, because I’m sure that cop saw videos of other cities burning police cars.

A street dog usually has that much common sense. On that same note, these are the type of people that will poke a bear – then be “shocked” when that bear rips their face off.

What if the police were responding to an emergency call for service, and that short delay cost a constituent of Ocasio-Cortez their life? Would she even care, as long as she was able to pump that sound bite into twitter?

tweet aoc mayor
tweet rchaber
tweet aoc normalized

Several people commented, asking why “reverse wasn’t an option?” They are under no obligation to reverse, nor should they. The minute police start to retreat – it’s over. Forever.

It’s New York, not Minneapolis. The terrorists were blocking the road, why should any car need to find another way to go – when they are traveling on a road that was designed for vehicle travel?

tweet deblasio

Y’all know the statement below is fake, right? Turns out, Mayor de Blasio is not so bold when he’s not tweeting to a bunch of Rabbi’s going to a funeral. Manufactured empathy is almost as bad as manufactured grief, especially when he’s just trying to placate people so his city won’t get burned to the ground.

At first, I actually felt sorry for the NYPD officers in the first video above.

When I started writing this article, I wrongly thought that they would be thrown under the bus for this. At least they wouldn’t be alone. So many cities and states are led by cowards. By the time I finished the article, de Blasio issued a statement about the incident, saying that they acted accordingly.

I am, however, extremely concerned that the NYPD is sticking with the “neighborhood policing” model. That model is not built for Molotov cocktails and ANTIFA terrorists. All 40,000 police officers might be reluctant to make any kind of move after that statement from their Mayor and that will not end well for anyone.

But that’s just it, Chancelor, it’s not just the property that is being hurt.

What about the people that have been shot and murdered, by their fellow terrorists? What about the innocent bystanders that have been murdered by these terrorists? Target has insurance, sure, but small stores and people just trying to make ends meet usually don’t.

You wouldn’t know anything about that; what with your dad working for the Mayor of Chicago, then for Senator Obama, then for President Obama; while you attended Jones College Prep High School.

I wonder if Chancelor will take this woman to the store so she can eat?

Luckily, Tim Pool and a whole lot of other people stepped up and helped this firefighter… but what about the countless others that lost everything?

chris martin

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Ocasio-Cortez tells her followers that her proposed way to “end this”, is by establishing justice. While she claims her Instagram rant wasn’t to condone violence, her whole premise of the video was to get what she wants before the unrest and violence ends.

She actually justifies the multibillion dollar economic damage because it got people to notice.

This isn’t about George Floyd, if it ever was. The people causing destruction could care less about that man, just like they didn’t care about Rodney King when they destroyed Los Angeles in 1992.

It’s about manipulation and being manipulated.

It’s about power.

It’s about control.

What is AOC “demanding” to end the riots?

Healthcare as a human right: Unless the government takes over the medical industry, health care will never be a “human right”. It is a business. A car is not a human right. A 2-story apartment is not a human right. A $3,500 designer suit is not a human right.

In the fantasy world of Ocasio-Cortez, where everything is free and money grows on trees, everything should be free – but everything comes with a price, eventually. In her slippery socialist slope (say that 3x fast!), the government provides everything, but with extreme false advertising.

Black Lives Matter: If you really think black lives don’t matter to the population as a whole, then you’re an idiot that lives a miserable life. There is no way possible to change individual beliefs, without reaching and touching each individual.

Poverty: Poverty, while not a personal choice of most people, is a situational imperfection that black, white, brown and red people find themselves in – either because of poor life choices or because the cards aren’t in their favor.

Poverty is not a black thing or a white thing. It’s a human thing and it doesn’t care what color you are. It is irresponsible and just plain ignorant of anyone, let alone an elected official running on a platform of black poverty, to suggest otherwise, especially when 130,000 people in your congressional district are white.

End of housing discrimination: Once again, our leaders are trying to issue victim cards. If you have an applicant with a 700 credit score and one with a 400 credit score, guess what? It doesn’t matter what your race is – the 700 will get it every time.

Standing up to for-profit real estate developers that are intimidating people and trying to evict them from their homes. Most every employee has a boss. Even a police chief, a sheriff, a mayor or a governor; they all must answer to someone. On that same line, most every landlord has a mortgage company. When a tenant doesn’t pay their rent, it shouldn’t be up to the landlord to cover that cost – its up to the tenant to pay what they promised to pay when they moved in.

When a tenant can’t pay, and the landlord cant pay and the bank takes over, does she really think a bank is going to let freeloaders squat in their house rent-free? That’s long-game thinking that her and her “squad” hopes you never ask until it’s too late.

Free shit sounds good, but everything will come with a price, eventually.

Police Brutality: Unfortunately, police abuse will continue and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Police are human, so they do make mistakes. But, just because someone is a victim of police brutality, does not mean they are the victim of racism.

Until we put pressure on our police departments to hire, not based on some manufactured social score but instead based solely on actual merit, the people will always suffer from inept police officers. They will always be at the wrong end of an ignorant cop that only has the job because his daddy knows the mayor, or because she only got the job because she got an extra 30 points for the color of her skin.

Add to that, most rookie police officers around the country today had their lunch money stolen in school; so they have had a huge grudge for some time, but no fortitude to really back it up when necessary so they tend to overreact when its really not necessary – much like the Georgia cop that prematurely deployed his taser on Ahmaud Arbery in 2017.

Sure, now they have a badge and a gun – but they are still scared little children that can’t stop a blue-haired old lady without backup, they cant approach a black man without deploying a taser (at the very least) and they have no clue how to talk to people because they are unable to talk to people – they condescendingly talk at them instead – and that usually only makes matters worse.

Some are either poorly trained, untrainable or both. They took the job, not because it was a calling, but because it was a job with insurance and a paycheck. If you go into police work for just a job, you’ll end up running away when you’re needed the most – and the community suffers as a result.

But – if the police tell you to disperse the area, and you dont, thats your own fault. You own it. Deal with it and use milk to take the sting away from the pepper spray. At the end of the day, it doesnt matter about you – they will do what they need to do in order to go home and see their family at the end of their shift.

Asking for measures that actually liberate people in their lives from the oppression of economic and social inequity.

In the 6 minute video, Ocasio-Cortez mentions “violence” 7-times, “unrest” 10-times and “oppression” twice, though I’m not really sure she even knows what that means.

That’s what she’s saying she wants. But, what she really wants – and what all Democrats want, is for things to get so bad, to get out of control – that Trump is forced to activate the military.

When that happens, people will die.

Our Democrat leaders – all of them – really don’t care about the color of your skin, unless it helps keep them in power. They don’t care about “Black Lives Matter”, unless it gives them a political talking point.

They are partnered with ANTIFA, because that’s the group that will create change by enough sucker punch terrorism to cause their common enemy to react by extreme force. That’s why New York, Minnesota and Chicago have basically given up.

You think her, or any other government “leader” cares about you? You think they care about anything, other than getting what they want? While he is in office, their whole world has been coming down. Things arent like they “used to be” – and thats a great thing.

Until it’s not.

Everybody should watch what Lil Wayne has to say above. People call him a sellout, he’s the realist one speaking the truth. You just can’t hear it from your racist hatred. You want so bad for your problems to be somebody else’s fault.

You were told they were.

Turns out, they’re not.

Individual responsibility is what’s been missing for far too long – because the Government has been waiting and slowly sinking their claws into you, little by little, year by year. They’ve been waiting for this moment to have you dependent on what they can give you.

For free.

But with a price.

The more you’re dependent, the longer you keep them in office. The longer they stay in office, the more power they get. That’s how a $174,000/year politician can retire as a multi-millionaire.

Derek Chauvin wasn’t arrested because of the riots

Before Ocasio-Cortez ended her video, she actually endorsed a police department to rush and arrest someone on what they think and not what they can prove.

Let that sink in.

A United States Representative was encouraging demanding the government to deny a United States citizen’s right to procedural due process under the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution.

Imagine how many additional black men would be incarcerated without those rights?

The video evidence against Chauvin, while extremely significant, was just a small part of a complex case that had to be built and Ocasio-Cortez wanted to throw it all out for instant political gratification because, once again, she could care less about you or the long-game, she just wants to manipulate you to the polls.

The cop that murdered George Floyd wasn’t arrested because of the riots, his case was rushed because of the riots. He would have been arrested once law enforcement had compiled their evidence and it would have been better that way.

But, because some fools – and government leaders – demanded instant justice, he will probably walk because Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, Ocasio-Cortez and other democratic “leaders” wanted to seem like they care.

This was a tragic murder.

If there is an upside to this whole ordeal, it’s that this one had a unique, one-in-a-million locked-in guarantee that everybody was on the same page and agreed that Chauvin should be arrested. But it’s not that simple. Despite what you’re being told, police just can’t arrest people “because they feel like it”.

And that’s a good thing. It prevents bad cops from railroading you in the long run.

It was a slam dunk case until all of you impatient, uninformed and ignorant political whores and opportunists probably screwed it up beyond repair. Because this case was rushed like it was, for the reasons that it was… Derek Chauvin could very well walk a free man if he hires a half-decent lawyer.

Things like a Miranda Warning and, in some cases where a police officer is under investigation, a Garrity Warning are simple things to overcome, but then they have to establish probable cause for an arrest, line up witnesses and have conferences with the prosecutors.

You people were so desperate to make it appear that MPD was letting one of their own off because they didn’t arrest him at the scene. You do realize that murder doesn’t have a statute of limitations, right?

You also realize that Chauvin, as a certified police officer, was probably very familiar with techniques used on murder suspects, so maybe – just maybe – MPD investigators wanted to make sure they had everything in line before they pressed him.

Even with a smoking gun, a confession is always nice to have. Just like the UFC preaches to not ever let it go to a judge’s decision because you never know how it will turn out – criminal court is the same way.

With the murder pretty much caught on video, there was really no question as to who the murderer was. However, in an effort to protect the truly innocent, they also have to ensure Chauvin received proper due process.

As high profile as this case had become overnight, I think the officials did what they needed to do in the time they had. If they miss any of those steps a decent defense attorney will have him walk free.

Honestly, the elected officials that were crying for him to be prematurely arrested, should sit down with the non-essential “celebrities” and stay in your lane because if he does walk, it will be your fault.

Memorial protests for George Floyd were hijacked

America doesn’t have a race problem, we have a unity problem.

We are too easily divided, as this last week has shown.

We have democrat “leaders” refusing to work towards the betterment of our country.
We have Democrat Mayors that give the order to abandon police stations. To retreat.
We have Democrat Governors and Mayors that have given up.
We have Democratic Representatives and Senators that are inciting the violence.

tweet cuomo
Governor Andrew Cuomo has officially conceded to the terrorists.

No. It’s not all related. It’s only put together in a sentence to create more divide. The longer there is a divide, the longer Andrew can assume power, especially with the deals made with Democrat representatives once they take the White House.

The riots have nothing to do with #BlackLivesMatter, nor do they have anything to do with #GeorgeFloyd. These insurgents care nothing about either, only their agenda – which is not honoring that mans life. Governor Cuomo, in an effort to appease the terrorists, has just shown his hand and exposed his weakness.

They are nothing more than terrorist cells and should be labeled as such. They are white, black and brown terrorists. Some are in it for the free stuff. Some are in it out of pure ignorance. Some are in it to watch America burn.

elizabeth warren

One of those groups is the democratic party, which splinters into so many factions its getting hard to track, and the other is ANTIFA. All of these groups are professional victims.

When they’re not hiding in their mom’s basement, ANTIFA are out destroying cities and trying to provoke the police. Once they succeed at that – then they play victim and cry like little kids screaming “defund the police”.

ANTIFA, or Anti-Fascist, is a far left-wing terrorist unorganized “movement” that is based on anarchy where they conduct sucker punch warfare to attack their enemies violently to make a statement, especially against the people they regard as racist. Basically, all straight white males are racists. So that would lead one to believe that all white males in ANTIFA are not.

ANTIFA calls people that condemn their violence as “privileged”, but they are the ones that have the privilege to be able to destroy communities and walk away.

Sure, there have been black, white and brown looting, stealing and vandalizing. But I have 100s of hours of video that shows it usually starts with a white guy coming up to an otherwise peaceful gathering and, once the first window is broken – its like pack mentality takes over.

They aren’t worried about creating chaos, because they generally don’t live where they terrorize.

At The Grove, Los Angeles. Most people would have said “it’s none of my business”. This woman was sharp!
blm did not

Gropey Adderall Narcissist hides behind his computer screen, pretending to understand 400 years of systemic racism. But what you don’t see, is that he is a scared little boy that just wants total anarchy in a country he doesn’t even live in.

Otherwise known as Stuart Alexander MacKay-Smith, Gropey is a Canadian Graphic designer by day, oppressed “American” that’s tired of the greedy, fascist corporations by night. A loyal Bernie supporter to the core, he’s so distraught that his perfect candidate keeps dropping out, he lends his time to the ANTIFA cause, because that’s the closest thing he will ever have to actually belong to anything – now that Bernie has proven to be a quitter. Twice.

stuart alexander mackay smith
Stuart Alexander MacKay-Smith
tweet cassandra fairbanks

In America, oppression is a state of mind.

The only people in the United States of America that suffer from oppression are doing so of their own free will. They are either voluntarily oppressed, manipulated to feel oppressed or they are a victim of their own environment, either for sympathy or because they know no other way.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself – do you feel oppressed? Or do you feel depressed? Do you feel oppressed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Or do you feel oppressed when someone else tells you that you’re oppressed?

You’re only oppressed because you have always been told you were.

A white police officer apparently got separated from his team in Louisville, Kentucky and rather than add him to a growing list of officers that have died in the line of duty, a group of black Americans protected him from the crowd. This is not something you’ll see on mainstream media. It doesn’t fit their narrative.

Below is the official media narrative:

tweet slate
jimmy dore
tweet adriel hampton
Well, at least this guy knows what he wants.

Syria. South Sudan. North Korea. Somalia. Libya.

When you throw the term “oppressed” around like skittles, but never left the USA to see how other countries treat their women and their minority groups, you really should just take a seat – you’re embarrassing yourself to the rest of the world.

While there are several milestones, it’s pretty much common knowledge that from the beginning of our country in 1607 up until 1968, there was definite oppression for a person of color.

It was defined, not only in the laws but also in people’s hearts.

  • 1607-1783, before we gained our independence from the British, all Americans were oppressed
  • 1641-1865, when the 13th Amendment was ratified abolishing slavery and involuntary servitude to free slaves
  • 1865-1968, here you have the Reconstruction Era, the birth of the KKK and other hate groups, disenfranchisement, Jim Crow laws, two Civil rights movements (1896, 1954), and seven Civil Rights Acts (1866, 1871, 1875, 1957, 1960, 1964 and 1968)

Granted, that time block was the majority of our countries existence but most of those perpetrators are long dead by now. Why continue to punish me for something that someone who might have been my ancestor might have done to someone who might have been your ancestor 100 years ago?

What if my ancestors were abolitionists that ran the underground railroad?

Contrary to popular belief, any other time in American history a person is not oppressed. They may be stigmatized, they may be treated differently by another human, they may even have been discriminated against. But they have not, nor are they, oppressed on a systemic scale. Any such claim degrades the Civil Rights Movement and everyone who fought and died for it.

It is in the best interest of Democrats for the country to remain divided.

Just like the cop that would be out of a job if crime went away, these career politicians would be out of a job if the divisiveness they create and fake oppression they manipulate went away.

That’s what they do. Pretty much, that’s all they do.

People of color in America have so many more opportunities than any other race in the world, including whites. Certainly, systemic racism did exist. But it is impossible to exist at the level that is being claimed in 2020.

When white people protest, they get arrested or chastised for not “social distancing”. When people of color protest, not a word is said. When things get out of hand at a protest where there are people of color present and a “memorial protest” turns it into looting riots, vandalism, assaults, terrorism and guerrilla warfare… they only go to jail as a last resort if the police have no other choice – if they are even present because most police departments are told to stand down and stay away by their cowardly government officials – then ordered to retreat when the riots come to them, in their home.

Racists are real, that’s just an ugly fact.

They are in every city and in every state in every country in the world. But, just like all Muslims are not terrorists, not all white folk are racist and not all black folk are tolerant. The ideology of racism is very real, but it is not as systemic as the professional victimizer politicians want you to believe.

If that were the case, we would have never had a President Obama.

officer tommy norman
Officer Tommy Norman of the North Little Rock, Arkansas Police Department is teaching the young kids in his community that racism doesn’t have to exist.

You think black and other people of color have it bad? Try being white. This white privilege you think we have bestowed on our pale skin is not a privilege, it is a curse. Sure, you may think you’re being watched every time you walk into a store… but we are always being watched to see what we say, how we act and especially how we react.

I wonder if people will call for the cancellation of O’Shea Jackson for sending the below image to his 5 million followers? Nope. Even though this is worse than some of the “cancel cultures” victims. He is stereotyping almost 1 million humans – of all races – for the action of a few to get a rise out of his fans.

But, he will never be admonished or chastised or shamed – because of black privilege.

ice cube

What’s worse?

  • A black man being given extra points on a civil service exam, simply because of the color of his skin?
  • A white man being given extra points on a civil service exam, simply because of the color of his skin?

They are both wrong, yet one happens as a matter of law everyday and the other would be seen as racist and discriminatory.

ice cube syria 2020

“Racist” is a rhetorical term with no actual meaning anymore

Because it’s now used just because someone disagrees with you, by people of all colors, it is now watered-down with very little meaning. But, on the flip side, we as white people know that all it will take is one Karen, of any color, to call us a racist for any reason whatsoever and get on the cancel culture bandwagon – and we will lose our whole life with no questions asked.

It’s not even “you must be a racist” anymore. Its now “you are a racist”.

And that’s all it takes.

You don’t agree with me, and I don’t have a legitimate response to your side, so you’re a racist!

Imagine what it’s like for a white cop to kill a black man on camera in Minneapolis, but a white man in Dallas – who had nothing to do with it, never heard of either of them, has to watch his back because the racism transcended from Minneapolis to Dallas in less than 24 hours and now everyone that even resembles a white person is now a target.

Imagine if that was reversed?

You can’t imagine that because you are all full of shit.

What to do now?

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