No. Washington D.C. Police DID NOT Disperse Protesters with Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets. Here are the Facts

by Michael Saad

People have a right to protest and voice their concerns, but it isn’t absolute and it isn’t up to the protester to dictate exactly where they do it.

If they are impeding the flow of traffic, past a set curfew, or, like on June 1, the President of the United States was moving, do you really think they should be coddled and gently requested to move along?

The answer is no, for those in the back.

The Constitution says everyone has a right to protest.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Yes. It sure does. But it doesn’t say everyone has a right to do whatever they want, wherever they want, whenever they want, in the name of protest. It doesn’t work like that.

It cant work like that.

Notice the peaceably in the right of the people peaceably to assemble?

When the police tell you to disperse, and you don’t – that doesn’t make you “peaceful”. That makes you guilty of failure to disperse. It makes you a criminal.

Just because you have your arms up saying “hands up, don’t shoot”, that doesn’t make you “peaceful”.

The only difference between an aggressor and a victim is what a witness sees. If a witness sees someone in an aggressive posture, then they are assumed to be the aggressor, by nothing more than the opinion of the witness.

What if I told you that people are actually trained on how to attack another human being, with their hands up in a passive position for this reason?

When police have 400+ people protesting, and ONE of them becomes violent, that doesn’t make you a peaceful protester. That makes you someone who is suddenly at the wrong place at the wrong time.

All it takes is ONE person to get a reaction and, good or bad, everybody will feel the reaction.

  • Just because you don’t loot – if you ignore the looters and say nothing, you are just as guilty.
  • Just because you don’t incite violence – if you ignore the terrorists and say nothing, you are just as guilty.
  • Just because you think you’re going to a “peaceful protest”, doesn’t mean other people don’t have something else in mind.

Washington D.C. Police Disperse Protesters with Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets as Curfew Starts.

That’s a great title. In fact, that title has been used by every major media network around the world. It’s catchy. It plays on the emotions of half the country. It pits the evil dictatorship of Donald J. Trump, against the poor, oppressed, weak protesters that just want to express their sorrow for George Floyd.

nyt gassing
npr gassing
aljazeera gassing
Being the media arm of the Taliban suits Aljazeera well, here.
cnn gassing

The only problem is that it is completely false.

It is a complete lie.

It’s fake news.

There were no rubber bullets. There was no tear gas.

It’s more manipulation from the official insurgent disinformation machine, the mainstream media, who has actually taken the lead of this insurgency because they have the loudest voice.

They despise Trump so much – they would, literally, watch the country burn while they incite it further, just like they are doing now. They’ve hedged their bets long ago on who is going to win.

The property can be replaced.

Casualties of war, happen.

What can’t be replaced is the dignity that Trump has stolen from them by shining a light on their backdoor mass-manipulation machine that they have been running for decades.

You can see in the video below, CNN split the screen so people watching could see the “terror” live, while simultaneously watching the evil monster that ordered it.

They purposefully made the box half screen but kept the audio up, so you couldn’t see a single person’s actions (protesters), but you would be able to see a group of people responding (law enforcement).

neil gassing

Some people (journalists, politicians and insurgents – is there really a difference anymore?) then took to Twitter to insult, degrade and attempt to discredit other journalists that were reporting the facts, because they didnt have evidence to support hat tear gas was not used, while making these claims not having evidence tear gas was used. Makes total sense.

Here is your evidence

We blew up the footage and highlighted one of the actions for you.

  • If those kids and grown, petulant protesters had been hit with rubber bullets, they wouldn’t still be walking around like they are in the video without falling to the ground in pain.
  • If the police deployed tear gas, not only would the protesters be unable to move as calmly as they did in the video without coughing, crying and gagging… law enforcement would be wearing masks.

Towards the end of the video – you can see our Antifa friends were also present.

They didn’t clear the city. They moved the crowd. A few times. And it wasn’t until they were attacked that they deployed less-than-lethal protection in self-defense in an effort to establish order.

If you notice on the video, it starts over in several different places. That’s because they did move them from the initial area 25 or so minutes before in order to widen the perimeter around the White House.

mollie gassing

Police are the last people in the world that actually want to get hit with tear gas – so they will be sure to mask-up if there is any chance that tear gas will be used. Smoke, on the other hand, doesn’t require a mask but it does disorient any aggressor, as does the flash-bangs and crowd-control pyrotechnics (those things that look like sparklers in the video)

The pellets that were being shot were pepper spray balls – if you listen to the video, you can actually hear the faint pings of the pepper spray guns being used.

They are like paintballs, except instead of paint, the balls contain OC. They are actually lower on the use of force continuum than punching you in the throat, and safer for the officer.

They are for riots.

Having said all that – this is no longer a protest and these are no longer riots.

They are insurgent operations designed to weaken the United States Government from within by using subversion, alienation, psychological operations, sabotage and sucker punch guerrilla warfare tactics by way of subterfusion to turn every one possible against the current government.

It’s just a matter of time until they start using Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Though seemingly not organized in any way, the actors are very much linked together through a few channels. The scariest part, they have patiently watched our every move for years. They are opportunists that know our society is now knee-jerk and will overreact to anything, without a second thought.

They understand that when Americans assume something, or even worse – hear it 6th-hand – they’ll take even the most generalized accusations as gospel. Because being “woke” is what good people do. They then will repeat it over and over to everyone that will listen, changing little by little for the worse each time it gets passed along.

First, he was just a fascist.

Then, he was a racist.

Then, he raped and pillaged last Saturday night.

They know that perception is reality and it doesn’t matter that you have a knife in your hand. If no one sees it, you are the victim if you are the loudest. That’s where their “network” of trolls, bots and wannabes work together to create great content for their disinformation machine.

To be the loudest, first.

andy levin

When the President of the United States, taking a picture, angers you more than the riots, looting and killing or when the President of the United States taking a picture at your church, without getting “your” permission, angers you more than the vandals that tried to burn your church down – you have to ask yourself…

Who is really the problem?

New York is already lost.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Commissioner Dermot Shea, Chief Terence Monahan and Chief Fausto Pichardo: you have lost what was left of your city, destroyed the morale of an entire police force and have become cowards in the face of terrorism, all for the sake of political correctness.

You have destroyed a 175-year-old law enforcement institution in 7-days.

Your department has lost faith in all of you, and it’s very unlikely you will ever get it back unless you step up – now – and make it right. Stop cow-towing to these terrorist sympathizers because they have an office in an important building. Just because there were no planes flown into buildings, doesn’t mean you should sit back and watch as the destruction happens.

antifa superlawyer

We are way past using traffic cops and crowd control.

Now they know that whenever they need a new TV – they just create some kind of social justice issue, and start rioting. There is nothing you will be able to do to contain it from now on unless you stop it now with force.

You’ve already set the standard.

Mayor Muriel Bowser and the “presumptive” Democratic nominee Joe Biden should also really sit this one out, as should all blue state leaders – most of you have failed your oath and your people for far too long.

You know nothing about law enforcement, crowd control, insurgent operations – or anything useful to bring to this time we are in and you are just getting in the way.

Honestly, your usefulness ended when the 3-months you had people under lock-and-key with heavy fines and jail time for opening their business, but yet decided it was ok for people to loot that same business, all in the name of protest.

Are we still pretending this is about racial injustice?

Because it’s not. This is about the sociopaths our current society and our current leadership has created. This is about greed. But then again, some people think this was already planned way before George Floyd’s name was ever printed in a paper.

This is about children throwing temper tantrums inside Wal-Mart. We have enabled these terrorists to think that they are above the law when they are not and, luckily, neither are any of you.

Both sides have given them the proverbial inch this time, next time they will take the mile.

You incite them further.

You bow down.

You apologize.

You bail them out.

You prey on law-abiding citizens and get on your knees to violent mobs.

You break the very oaths you swore to uphold.

You fucking disgust me.

The President’s speech was a warning and the “gassing” Lafayette Square was a statement, but walking to the Church should have been a wake-up call to all of you. He is taunting you all for a reason. Maybe you see it, maybe you’re too conceited to think he will really go through with it.

You chastise him when his security detail takes him to the bunker and ridicule him when he walks outside the White House gates to a church that was vandalized less than 24 hours earlier.

Which one of you other “brave” leaders would have done that?

None of you. You all hide behind your fancy titles and your protected status. You complain about police having qualified immunity and lack of oversight, but your gang is much bigger, more crooked and a whole lot more powerful than any “police gang” that ever existed.

I don’t know too many cops that have the luxury of $100/gallon ice cream.

You think most Americans are going to let this continue for much longer? Just because our weak leaders want to extend this as long as possible and then have a “second wave” of coronavirus, does not mean we’re going to be so easily corralled a second time, especially not after seeing how you just let criminals roam free for so long, with not so much as a threat against social distancing.

You all had hoped to extend the corona lockdown indefinitely, but we became restless. Now, the longer you have protests in your cities the greater chances you’ll have of getting what you all want.

An “overhaul” of America.

For three-months, families weren’t allowed to have funerals for their loved ones, but you let people “protest” for a week for someone they didn’t even know. You emptied your jails so the poor criminals wouldn’t get COVID, but you encourage mass riots, looting and violence in the name of what?

Racial progress?

nyag james

The destruction is not on Trump’s hands.

He is powerless until there is no other way. And we are almost at that point. Do you really think past government leaders didn’t put in place mechanisms to protect America from something like this? Do you really think Trump is a knee-jerk kind of person? Or more of an end-game player with an extreme amount of patience?

You take him for an idiot, but he’s always been 5 steps ahead of you.

Trump has given you chance after chance to restore order, but you defy him like some little child defying their parents. When he takes over and does what you have refused to do by assuming control, that blood will be on your hands as well.

The only difference? Trump is the one to actually do what he says. He has proven that.

No person that riots is a citizen that deserves amnesty

They are internal combatants that are a detriment to our society and should be treated as such.

A major insurgent tactic is to push authority to see just how far it can go. Then, once that authority line breaks, create chaos and anti-government resentment by claiming to be the victim. Remember the “hands up” victim posture I told you about earlier?

Because they are non-violent, doesn’t mean they are being peaceful.

Because they are unarmed, doesn’t mean they are not dangerous.

They don’t need a sophisticated network like ISIS or Al Quida and they spread social media misinformation better than any old man in an Afghanistan cave can because most of them never knew a time without it.

They don’t need a direct chain of command. That wouldn’t work anyway, because most of them can’t handle authority. It’s better to just unleash them and let them run than try to control them.

But they do have grown folk that are pulling the strings.

The current-day Antifa is no different than White Aryan Resistance skinheads and their “adult” handlers are no different than Tom Metzger. Antifa doesn’t just discriminate on the basis of race, they discriminate on the basis of anything that differs from their view and they won’t hesitate to exploit any race or any cause to push their agenda.

We have forgotten what a lot of words mean, such as peaceful protest, racist and fascist. To our enemy insurgents, a fascist is anyone that they deem as one, for whatever reason they say.

Fascist is what they prefer to call people because, well, it’s part of their name that stands for Anti-Fascist, but none of them really know what it means and they don’t care.

They know words like racist and nazi will create the most outrage and mob mentality they need because they will never be able to fight alone. They need a mob to thrive.

These kids and kid-like adults have been coddled their entire lives to make it seem like they could do whatever they wanted with impunity – just because some half-wit politician told them to “rise up”.

It makes sense because street violence has long been the Democrat enforcement mechanism of choice for decades, cross-burning and lynching being the most notable.

Actions always create consequences for some body.

The time for protest and marching stopped the minute the first store was looted. That’s not marching for a cause. Playing nice and asking politely is what gets people hurt.

That smoke, those flashbangs and pyrotechnics at Lafayette Square on Monday – saved those “peaceful protesters” lives. What do you think will happen when the kid gloves come off because Americans are tired of watching their country burn?

What to do now?

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